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23:27:54 drmeister I'm not that familiar with docker to know if that's possible or desirable.
23:36:16 phoe Neither am I, sadly.
23:36:24 phoe Maybe the docker IRC channels will tell you more.
0:01:09 drmeister phoe: What I'm not telling you is I also want whatever command I end up with to set *default-pathname-defaults* properly on a normal inferior-lisp/slime session.
0:02:03 drmeister Sorry to sound so confusing. I'll figure out what I want - it's complicated.
0:07:01 phoe drmeister: this looks like something you can solve with a mixture of unix utils and some lines of Common Lisp code.
0:07:03 drmeister What I really want? Is something like (set-current-directory "$HOME/foo/bar") that when running in Docker translates to /src/foo/bar and when running locally translates to /Users/meister/foo/bar.
0:07:16 phoe Hm.
0:07:29 drmeister Could hostnames work?
0:07:31 phoe So you want /src in one environment and /Users/meister in the other environment.
0:07:50 drmeister (set-current-directory "home:/foo/bar")
0:07:50 ebrasca phoe: hi
0:07:55 phoe ebrasca: hey
0:08:20 phoe drmeister: I can't help you with pathnames. They're still way too confusing for me.
0:08:54 drmeister I never understood (setf (logical-pathname-translations xxx) ...) enough to make it do what I want. Could that do this?
0:09:00 phoe But the naïve approach for me is, make a function that finds out whether the Lisp image is running in a Docker container.
0:09:19 drmeister I can set a :docker *feature*
0:09:21 phoe If true, then somehow append "/src" in front of each pathname.
0:09:32 phoe If false, then somehow append "/Users/meister" in front of each pathname.
0:09:57 phoe So, er. Dunno. Set your default pathname to a different value, depending on whether you have a :docker feature.
0:10:09 phoe That's the simple and naïve approach that I thought of.
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2:27:19 phoe ACTION hums a merry tune
2:29:01 Bike when they tell you must take it / and you think hell no / got a bad feeling and can't shake it / hits so low / lord of the game
2:48:29 drmeister I'd love a slime command that evaluated the sexp at point and pasted the result after the form in #| ... |# commented form so that it won't be evaluated if the entire file is evaluated.
2:48:48 drmeister Is there anything like that buried in slime somewhere?
2:49:05 drmeister A poor-person's notebook.
2:52:52 Bike not that i know of, but it seems like it should be reasonably easy to do...
2:53:19 Bike a little modification to slime-eval-print-last-expression, maybe
2:53:37 Bike though that has... quite some latency.
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2:57:22 Bike ugh, it's async so it works weirdly.
3:15:05 Bike i have something that sort of works but it has a pause for asynchronousness and i don't know enough about slime to remove it.
3:21:16 Bike drmeister:
3:22:34 drmeister Thank you!
3:42:49 holycow hi all
3:45:59 phoe hey holycow
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